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Do you want to perform an excellent employment screening? Want detailed information about an individual, a group, a product, service or an organization? Spotlight security solution is the right place to visit for such details. We are able to determine and make compilations of History such as criminal activity records, commercial and financial records. If you need to know if the company or individual you are dealing with is trustworthy, we qualify to assist you make such findings.


When employees become a threat to the organization and the individuals or employees in it, tension begins to build up and begins to affect the progress of the organization and becomes a very serious matter which needs maximum attention to avoid further damages. Our team provides services that threaten the violation of workplace rules, contracts, regulatory practices and policies. Our Internal investigation team curb threats arising by providing confidentiality, Interim protection, Internal security and legal counsel.


This is an audit and reviewing financial records before entering into an agreement. 

We do; 

• Evaluation 

• Legal due diligence

• Tax due diligence

• Operational due diligence etc..

We are also experts in determining or checking Market Capitalization, Revenue, Profit and Margin Trends, Valuation, Management and share ownership, Balance Sheet Exam and stock options.


The threat assessment team at spotlight is trained to evaluate any kind of the risk posed at the client, be it Cyber, military, terrorist, nuclear, Financial etc. Hazardous risks that have potential to make an individual loose people, information, money, facilities, equipment's and reputation are taken care of at Spotlight security. We help you bridge gaps of security or vulnerabilities to prevent gaining access to your assets.


This service involves the use of automated testing tools like the Network security Scanning tool. This enables us to stop vulnerabilities which enables hackers exploit the IT systems. We do Network based scans, Host-based scans, wireless network scans, Database scans etc to prevent malicious attacks.


We have a team of specialists who offer support to employers and employees who have suffered an unexpected incident or accident. We are dedicated to help our clients reduce distress for clients and their co-workers after critical incidents. The CIR is a program which mitigates the development of further or serious difficulties.


At spotlight security, we make it our business to aid companies protects their brand name, trademarks and Intellectual property rights. We extend our support to clients in the automotive, pharmaceutical, fashion, software and technology and medical industries. We support clients with IP issues like;

Software piracy, Intellectual property theft, violation of license agreement for software and technology, Domain name management etc….. 


Our technology sweeps for devices that may be spying on the client’s telephones, computer data lines and other gadgets. They identify technical security weaknesses that could aid in the conduct of a technical penetration of the surveyed facility. The use of mobile forensic solutions and qualified technicians certified with instructions on the latest state-of-the-art ISCM equipment.


The team at Spotlight security solutions does a wide range of training programs for large, medium and small scale institutions and individuals. We provide you with the best and highly trained technicians and experts to train individuals on all aspects of security solutions, risk management legal matters and litigation. We also give the opportunity to clients to practice at our firm when possible. 


In general we reveal weaknesses in your security programs. There is a need to conduct internal and external assessment of crime risks in your local environment. Our team of experts provides you with procedures to protect and tighten security around your area of business to avoid any emerging dangers. 


At Spotlight, we help you highlight areas in need of improvements from the customer’s point of you. We help you audit customer experiences and evaluate interactions of front lines to solve problems facing customers. These services are available for; Banks, Hotels, Airlines, Restaurants, retail shops etc...

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