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What is it?

Polygraph testing other know as Lie Detection test is the practice of detecting lies told by the stating party. 

In simple terms you hook up a device to a person and ask a series of questions. The device will then indicate when a answer is a lie or if the truth is told. 

Types of Polygraph Testing

  1. Specific Issue :
    as the name indicates this is where a specific crime or incident has occured and questions relate to a defined specific issue.

  2. Pre-Employment Screening:
    this type of testing is of a screening or investigative nature. Where a prospective employee is questioned or screened about past experience or activities and qualifications.

  3. Periodic Routine Screening:
    this type of testing is conducted on a routine basis to ensure that employees at the work place are not involved in any untoward illicit dealings.

Reliability of Polygraph Testing

Because the polygraph test measures bodily responses, a data subject can attempt to alter her bodily responses in order to interfere with the test. Several common ways to undermine the test include: taking sedatives to reduce anxiety; using antiperspirant to prevent sweating; and positioning pins or biting parts of the mouth after each question to demonstrate a constant physiological response.

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